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  • Artificial Lift Improvement
  • Flow Rectification
  • Sand Control
  • Subsurface Gas Separation
  • Coalbed Methane
  • Shale
  • Horizontal Activity
  • Gravel Pack

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Featured Products

The Stanley Filter™ SMFG Sand Screen family is “BUILT OIL FIELD TOUGH”… From its Carbon Steel perforated mandrel to its Eccentric-Vein Sand Screen, our goal is to help you achieve maximum protection to your pumps and maintain run time for your production.
When it comes time to service your SMFG Filter Units. Stanley Filter™ Replaceable Elements are available and provide great savings $$ for your next service replacement.  Stanley Filter™ also offers in-house redressing and testing. Each element is tested for flow and vacuum to assure maximum filtration before field installation.
“Stanley Steel Tubing Filters” are available with our new high and low temperature “Eccentric-Vein”™ elements.
The “Downhole Gas Separator” is designed to provide a high efficiency gas separator with no moving parts.
The Stanley Filters™ for Rod Run Pumps are not a screen, but rather a fiberglass three dimensional media material which allows the fluid to travel into the filter from all directions.
The “Eccentric-Vein”™ Fiberglass Stinger is designed to provide high quality downhole filtration with excellent gas separating qualities.
The Stanley Filter™ ESP KIT acts as a packer separating the abrasive material traveling from the formation to the electrical submersible pumps.
Stanley Filter™ provides Corrosive Coating to protect your investment.

Product Videos

 The New SMFG:  Installation of the Eccentric-Vein™:
 More about the SMFG  More about the Eccentric Vein™
 Demo of the Gas Separator:
 More about the Downhole Gas Separator