The Stanley Difference

A Unique Design: The patented Stanley Filter™ is not a screen, it’s a true filter specifically designed for oil well pumps. Stanley Filter utilizes a flexible, three-dimensional material that allows fluid to travel into the filter from all directions.

This unique design allows abrasives to penetrate into the filter media and fluids to travel around those abrasives. Read “How it works” and “Results” below.

Solution for the Most Rugged Applications Including:

  • Artificial Lift Improvement
  • Flow Rectification
  • Sand Control
  • Subsurface Gas Separation
  • Coalbed Methane
  • Shale
  • Horizontal Activity
  • Gravel Pack
sand filters
oil field pump filtration
sand filter gas separators

How It Works

The Stanley Filter patented technology provides an unprecedented, state-of-the-art downhole sand filtration, preventing frac and formation sand to act against the pump, resulting in longer run time and better productivity. The Stanley Filter Eccentric-Vein design allows operators to filter up to a 100 mesh, providing a superior filtration and excellent gas separating qualities.

Stanley Filter Benefits:

By installing the Stanley Filter™ downhole, either on the pump or production string, unwanted cuttings or downhole debris are separated, protecting valuable downhole equipment and assuring the continuous daily production every producer expects.

The Results:

  • Longer pump run-times
  • Fewer pulling unit bills
  • Fewer pump repair bills
  • Increased production
  • Increased profits